Don't we all love a good Movie Trailer? Now you can turn all your home movies into professional movie trailers.

FilmSpirit provides a shortcut to make your home videos a fun Hollywood trailer in a few minutes.


With our premade templates, making a dramatic and attractive short film is as easy as pie.

Whether you want to create a Comedy, Drama, Romance, or Adventure, we got it all covered.

Just click and drag your home videos into the story board, add a title and a few notes, and you'll have a Hollywood made short films!

Easiest way to make a Hollywood short movies

With detailed instruction, you can turn your home videos into Hollywood movies.

Turn any of your home video footages into an exciting movie trailer.

This is the Easiest Trailer Maker software, with a user friendly interface, anyone can use it.

Preview in real time

With the FilmSpirit preview window, you can watch your video come to life as you fill in each step of the storyboard. Preview and select the scene you want to appear in your trailer.

Multiple trailer themes are included

Choice from any of the 9 premade trailer templates to create a mood just right for your movie.

Choice from Adventure, Wedding, Pets, Daily Life, Party, Sports, Creative Life, or Travel themed templates to customize your movie trailer

Multiple title sequences

Choice from a variety of title sequences to introduce your movie and topics.

Browse through original video by interval length of your choice

You can preview your original videos as a series of still pictures by adjustable interval which helps you more precisely select scenes and footages.

Save your projects anytime

Save you projects anytime during the creation of your trailer to prevent progress loss. And makes it easier to continue the editing next time.

Support various video formats

Supports a wide range of video formats to ensure any video will work with our trailer maker.

Videos from cell phones, camcorders, iPad, iPhone, or any other mobile devices are all supported. Want to use 3 different videos with different video formats?

No problem, FilmSpirit supports most video formats.

Magic Click

Let FilmSpirit randomly choose video segments for you if you don't want the hassle of selecting them yourself. FilmSpirit will randomly select a few video clips for your trailer. It's a fast and fun way to create a trailer, making it a surprise each time.

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