Don't we all love a good Movie Trailer? Now you can turn all your home movies into professional movie trailers.

FilmSpirit provides a shortcut to make your home videos a fun Hollywood trailer in a few minutes.


Now, Filmspirit - the fastest way to you can make your own home movie.Choose from 9 movie templates in almost every genre: Adventure, Travel, Wedding, Creative Life Style, Sports, Pets, Party and so on. And suddenly your home video goes Hollywood. Just click your clips to add them into the storyboard. Add personalize the titles. Then Filmspirit works its magic.

A short film filled with exciting segments, and the nature's beauty will takes your breath away. Ideal to record your wild adventure or a cross-country trip.

A regular day of a person. You can use it to sum up your everyday life or a special occasion. Feel free to add some funny moments as a special ingredient.

An explorative story about new places and new experiences. Good for your travel videos.

A cute video to introduce and present your beloved pets.

An action movie consists of catching the exciting moments of your favorite sports.

A romantic love story is a perfect way to capture moments from your wedding, anniversaries, or love life.

A detailed descriptive video which is suitable for craft making, personal hobbies, or school projects.

Capture the party animal side of you. Collect your favorite party moments. Also great for family events and festival activities.

A video full of childishness and playfulness is perfect in maintaining memories of your children growing up.

  • Adventure

  • My Day

  • Travel

  • Pets

  • Sports

  • Wedding

  • Creative Life Style

  • Party

  • Baby

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