Don't we all love a good Movie Trailer? Now you can turn all your home movies into professional movie trailers.

FilmSpirit provides a shortcut to make your home videos a fun Hollywood trailer in a few minutes.


Create new project:

To create a movie in FilmSpirit, you need to create a project first, which provides a record of the templates you selected and editing decisions. You can follow the steps to create a new FilmSpirit project.

  1. elect your desired template on the left lists.
  2. Drop video files on the middle of the main panel.
  3. Enter your desired project name and author info on the right of the main interface, and then,click the "Edit Movie" to make a new project.
  4. Tip 1: You also can double-click your desired templates to make new project after entering the project name and Author info. After that you can add video by draging it into Edit window.
  5. Tip 2:From the menu of editing window, you can get "New Movie" option.

Open existing project:

Do one of the following to open existing project:
  1. Click the 'Existing Movies'on the right of the main interface. Then locate the project you want to open on the pop-up window and select 'Edit Movie'.
    When the mouse hovers above the project, the "" button will appear. You can click on it to remove the project from the "Existing project" label.
  2. From the drop-down menu of editing window, you can get "Open Movie Project " option.

Save projects:

Do one of the following to save projects:
  1. To save the modified project, click the drop-down menu and then click the option "Save" (or pressing Ctrl+S) or "Save as…" (or pressing Ctrl+Shift+S).
  2. When you close the software or open another project during the editing, a warning window will pop up to let you save the project.

Download templates:

  1. To download other template, which is grey, you can select it and click the "" button to download it.

After launching the program, if you get the message that "the OpenGL version (%1) on your machine doesn't support this application, please update the video adapter driver.", please follow one of the links below to go to the corresponding website directly to download the suitable video card driver, install it, and then try our program again: for Intel graphic card users for AMD graphic card users for NVIDIA graphic card users

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